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Halloween Estate Planning Tricks – Our Treat!

Estate planning can be scary, we understand. That’s why we’re sharing some tricks of the trade that you don’t need an attorney to help you with. Even if you already wrote a will or created a trust, make sure you check these things off your list!

  1. If you want to be sure there is someone to handle your finances in an emergency, go to your bank with the person named as your power of attorney so a representative register them on your account BEFORE an emergency arises. The same goes for  your mortgage company and any other financial institutions you deal with, who may even accept your verbal authorization over the telephone.

  2. Set up a life insurance policy in the minimum amount necessary to cover any debts you may have and to ensure that your loved ones’s needs will be taken care of even if you are gone someday.

  3. Talk to your family about your estate plan.  As scary as that might sound, ask them if there are items which hold particular sentimental value or importance so they don’t have to quarrel over your memory and can focus on grieving.

  4. Tell Facebook, Instagram, your email provider and any other social media services who you want to have access to your “digital estate.”

Remember: making an estate plan is about more than just saving money— it’s about taking care of your family and easing their burden in an already difficult situation. Your estate planning attorney should be more than just a legal advisor. A good estate planning attorney is someone you trust and look forward to working with.


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